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Colección Mobile

This collection is made up of different geometric pieces combined together as small mobiles. Rectangles, circles, ovals, with or without cavities, some enamelled... make up pendulum modules that are very graceful due to their movement and composition.
Our clients can participate in this combinatorial game, choosing pieces to their liking, or shortening or lengthening the base models presented in the collection.

Mare Collection

Summertime: warm, sunny and full of colors. A variety of colors and materials mixed together harmoniously: shells, mother-of-pearl, pebbles, coral, wood, leather... silver. Our imagination leads us to the sea, sandy bottoms full of mystery, slow sunsets, skin bronzed by the sun, a marine collection that shines like no other.

Heather Collection

Nature as source of inspiration, veined leaves, geometric shapes, naturalist... flowers and elements of everyday landscapes. References from nature are limitless, the creative process becomes a game, playing with different forms, abstracting, giving them new life, almost sculptural, mixing them with disparate materials with which they seem to have a hidden relationship.

Linear Collection

A linear concept as an objective: simple, clean shapes, a geometric and harmonic composition. Abstract art as inspiration, shapes that do not define anything definite, that interpret nothing naturalistic, but still very present in our reality.

Colección Él

Precise and elegant lines, combining silver with other materials such as jet, ebony and lapis lazuli, as well as with other elements found in nature, manage to create sober and sculptural pieces, perfect For Him.
Which, also due to its ambivalence of form and concept, are equally wearable for her.