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Woodland II Bracelet
70,00 125,00 
Silvestre II Earrings
50,00 75,00 
Out of stock! woodland-II-ring
Woodland II Ring
42,00 65,00 
Out of stock!
Out of stock!
Enia Necklace
62,00 85,00 
Geometric Collection
A linear concept as an objective: simple, clean lines, a geometric and harmonic composition. Abstract art as inspiration, shapes that do not define anything definite, that interpret nothing naturalistic, but still very present in our reality.
Geometric Collection


My sources of inspiration are diverse; art in all its variants, nature as infinite source of reference and curiosity about other cultures and lifestyles. I like to develop my products by handmade with personally care of every detail and trying to make something timeless with each piece and modern, original and free.

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