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About Me

Who is Pilar Rodal

The ability to create is a skill that has been very present throughout my life. My artistic restlessness has led me to pursue the career of Fine Arts and later, Jewelry, passion has resulted in the brand with my name.

My sources of inspiration are diverse; art in all its variants, nature as infinite source of reference and curiosity about other cultures and lifestyles.

I like to develop my handmade products with personally care in every detail and trying to make pieces timeless  and modern, original and free.

The mixture of materials due to my constant curiosity to seek new compositions and getting styles, following this amazing way as is the creative process.

My Inspiration…

Nature as a source of inspiration; veined leaves, geometric, naturalistic … flowers and elements of everyday landscapes.

The sea: the summer is hot, sunny and colorful period. All the harmonious blends are worth and differents materials; shells, mother of pearl, stones, corals, wood, leather … silver.

Ethnicity: This collection is full of ethnographic influences; feathers, turquoise, bone, horn, wood, leather …