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Hoop Earrings (M) with a Long Shell


Earrings which, with their long shapes, have a slim overall look. The use of natural marine motifs gives them a nautical, fresh, summery feel.

*All the earrings are simple hoops (with nothing inside), with hanging shells which can be changed to suit the customer preferences. The hoops are interchangeable, e.g. if we want the small hoop with the long shell, or vice versa.


1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Product Description

Hoop earrings with a long shell, all crafted in silver. The shell is moulded based on a natural shell and so it shows the imperfections of a real shell.


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  •  The pieces should be stored individually in their original boxes or pouches in order to avoid scratching or discoloring of the metal.
  •  Do not use abrasive cleaners. The silver can be cleaned with chamois leather or a buff cloth. The other parts should be cleaned using warm water and a ph neutral soap/detergent.
  •  In order to extend the life of the pieces, you should not wear them while showering, washing, exercising or doing household chores. Likewise, directly exposing the pieces to perfume, lotions, chlorinated water or seawater is not recommended.
  • These unique pieces deserve special care; follow these recommendations to ensure that they remain in good condition.